Netherlands Embassy in Kigali, Rwanda

Trade and Investment

Apart from the three prioritized sectors, the Royal Netherlands Embassy (RNE) also wishes to promote commercial relations between Rwanda and the Netherlands. The interventions of RNE to improve the business climate as mentioned above will have to lead to an increasing number of investors from the Netherlands. Both Rwandan and Dutch investors are welcome at the Embassy for assistance on the following items:

Information and advice on:

  1. The business climate of Rwanda and of the Netherlands
  2. The laws and regulations in Rwanda and the Netherlands
  3. Available tenders o Projects of multilateral donors
  4. Available subsidy instruments from the Netherlands

Assistance with:

  1. The development of commercial activities in Rwanda
  2. Commercial conflicts
  3. Implementation of the subsidy instrument from the Netherlands
  4. Trade missions in Rwanda

Available subsidies for companies
The PSI programme will reimburse 50% of an investment made by a joint-venture of a Rwandan and an enterprise from any other country of the world . The general project budget should not exceed 1.5 mln euro. Projects in the sectors of energy, agribusiness, tourism and rural infrastructure have more chance to obtain a subsidy. For the latest information, visit the webpage.







Public Private Partnerships

The Netherlands government is aware that in its development efforts, it is unable to go alone. We recognize that private citizens, the business world, civil society organisations and institutions are playing a crucial role in development cooperation. We need their resources, networks and skills to reach the Millennium Development Goals. The Dutch Ministry for Development Cooperation is seeking new forms of cooperation with such partners. One of those new forms is establishing ‘partnerships’. This partnership consists of a support and assistance based relationship between the RNE and private citizens, the business world, civil society organisations and institutions. Potential partners in the business world and NGOs seeking information can send a message to the Ministery.